Ensemble Voltaire presents engaging concerts of Baroque chamber music. Gifted musicians, skilled in playing period instruments, bring their rich understanding of the repertoire and culture of the era to bear on each time-bridging performance. At ease with today’s audiences, Ensemble Voltaire brings the Baroque period to life with story and even humor, subtly surrounding the listener with the cultural context from which the music emerges.

Formerly known as Ensemble Ouabache, the group changed its name in 2004 to Ensemble Voltaire, inspired by the French literary genius Voltaire (1694-1778), who lived during the Baroque period from which much of the group’s repertoire is taken. The change was designed to help audiences within and beyond Indiana better conect to the historical context that inspires the group’s music making.

The Ensemble has performed, under the auspices of Early Music America, at the 1999 Boston Early Music Festival, the Bloomington Early Music Festival, the University of Western Michigan, the University of Michigan (Dearborn), Fermilab, DePauw University, Saginaw Valley State University, and Hanover College. Other venues have included the Detroit Institute of the Arts, Unity Temple (Chicago), Iowa City Early Keyboard Society, Society for Old Music (Kalamazoo), and the Morton Arboretum (Chicago).

Ensemble Voltaire has received critical acclaim for its compact disc (The Motets of Francesco Antonio Bonporti, with soprano Ellen Hargis). BMG named the recording one of its 1998 Editor’s Picks.

This season is made possible by the generous support of our audience, and the following major funders: